PVC 3rd Rail Jointing Piece
Rendered Jointing Piece
PVC 3rd Rail Jointing Piece
PVC 3rd Rail Jointing Piece - Underside
3rd Rail Bracket Assembly
Section Through 3rd Rail Bracket Assembly
Full Bracket Assembly with Rail
Full Bracket Assembly without Rail
Drawing Sample
Rendered Fastener Casting
3rd Rail Installation Fixture
LEGO Head!
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Design Work

To earn a living I’ve been working in design and engineering for the last 13 years of my life. Most of this work has been aided by the use of SOLIDWORKS. I’ve generally been involved with fabrications, mouldings and castings throughout my working life and normally within the fields of rail, pumps and blowers. Below is a small selection of my most recent work. Of recent I’ve begun to acquaint myself with some rendering tools also and look to develop my creative skills. My latest professional CV can be downloaded by clicking ‘CV‘.